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The following pictures were taken during or immediately after The London Show.

[Picture] This is what faced us when we arrived on Thursday morning. An empty sports hall marked out for 15 badminton courts and 3 basketball courts and an awful lot of rabbit pens to erect.
[Picture] Thursday afternoon and the banks of rabbit pens are taking shape. There were about 1000 rabbits in the show as well as 150 cavies, 200 hamsters, more than 100 rats and about the same number of mice.
[Picture] We were not there on Friday which is a rabbit only day but when we arrived early on Saturday morning the rabbit show was still in full swing.
[Picture] This is the gerbil area lunchtime Saturday. There were well over 100 gerbils of 6 species in the show with nine exhibitors.
[Picture] Here Jackie (back to camera) is talking to the Mayor of Luton.
[Picture] Brian Leiper, the gerbil judge.
[Picture] The winning gerbil, a Ruby-Eyed White.
[Picture] Another view of the winner
[Picture] And another.
[Picture] This is the Founder's Committee Shield which records all winners since 1972 and the trophy and clock that the winner gets to keep.
[Picture] 16:30 on Saturday an the great clear-up begins.
[Picture] 18:30 and the hall is almost as we found it.

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