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Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find a vet who has experience of treating small mammals. This page lists vets who have been recommended by gerbil keepers round the world.

If you have a vet who you would like to recommend then please complete the form at the bottom of this page. If your browser doesn't support forms then please with full details of the vet, including their address and telephone number, and please tell me why you have recommended them. Please also let me know if the details such as phone number or address change.

Please note that software is used to encrypt the e-mail addresses on this page so that browsers can read them, but spammers will find them almost impossible to harvest.

Vet-U-Like in the UK will provide details of nearby vets simply from your postcode.

The Rat and Mouse Club of America have a list of recommended vets.

This page is designed to provide a service to gerbil keepers needing a vet who is experienced in caring for small mammals. Neither the author, or The National Gerbil Society takes any responsibility for the treatment your pet receives.

[Picture] Belgium

[Picture] Canada

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Henk Decock, DVM of Dierenartsenpraktijk, Guido Gezellestraat 60, B-2630 Aartselaar, Belgium - Tel. 03/877.42.41 - Fax. 03/887.13.22 -E-mail.†† describes himself as a Belgian vet who's specialised in rabbits and other small mammals.†

flag05.gif (1014 bytes) Canada

Riverbend Veterinary Clinic, 5611 Riverbend Rd, Edmonton, AB T6H 5K4 - (780) 437-0039; We've taken three gerbils to this clinic and they have always taken superb care of them, much better than any other vet I've seen. They also specialise in smaller animals.

Recommended by

Dr. Jennifer Hopper & Dr. J.S. Rosen, King Animal Clinic 567 King St. London, Ontario, Canada - (519) 434-4287; After Hours Emergencies: (519) 432-7341,

Both of the Vets are very competent; they really do care about all the animals that come to their clinic. This clinic is about the only one in London that will take in small animals. Believe me, I grew quite frustrated calling around trying to find a clinic that will take in small animals considering, I have a house full of them ranging from Degus (almost look like the Gerbil except bigger in size), Hamsters and my beloved Gerbils (esp. my demon rodent Blackie).

Recommended by

Dr Katherine Hall, Bloor Animal Hospital, 2387 Bloor St, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1P6, Canada. Telephone (416) 767-5817.

Recommended by

WinRose Animal Hospital, St. Annes, Winnipeg, Manitoba, (204) - They treated my gerbil Herbie for overgrown teeth and were so good with him. We even got a phonecall a few days later to check up on him!!

Recommended by

Dr. Michele St.Pierre at Waterloo West Animal Hospital, 420 Erb Street West, Unit 6, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 6H6. Tel: 519-747-2020.,519-747-2020

She treated Hercules my gerbil as an important individual-the way I feel about him. He had a growth on his shoulder and she did surgery and he has been fine since.

Recommended by

flag34.gif (988 bytes) The Netherlands

Mrs Van der Hage, Schubertlaan 17, Bilthoven - 030-2291626

She specialises in small pets and uses gas narcosis. She almost only operates if being referred to by other vets. She will take on difficult cases though.

Recommended by

Dierenkliniek de Wingerd, Wingerdweg 1, 1031 BW Amsterdam, Holland, tel 020-6361743

I've been to this vet several times. For small animals she uses gas narcosis. She used to keep gerbils herself and really tries her best.

Recommended by

flag40.gif (1078 bytes)Norway

Dyrlegen i Marken, Marken 4, 5017 Bergen, Norway - Phone  55 31 56 60 - Fax  55 31 56 60 E mail:

I am my self a veterinarian in Bergen, west coast of Norway, and my main interest is small rodents, birds and reptiles. I was qualified as a vet in 1990 (in the Netherlands) and have since then worked only with small animals. Today I have a clinic in centre of Bergen, together with Linn, (a biological engineer, she do all the blood tests, bacteriology etc) and we do all sorts of examinations and procedures. We use isoflurane gas anaesthesia, we operate with electrosurgery, we use x-rays and endoscopy when needed.

Self nominated.

[Picture] Sweden

Upplands Vsby Djursjukhus- tel 08 - 590 307 08

I`ve been there several times with both gerbils and hamsters. All of the vets are very good with the little creatures.

Recommended by

[Picture] United Kingdom (Alphabetically by County)

Merlin Veterinary Group (formerly I S Peek), 6 Golden Square, Duns, Berwickshire, TD11 3AW, 01361883266, All the vets at this practice are caring and skilful, and are genuinely interested in small mammals.

Recommended by

David Urwin, Belgrave House Veterinary Surgery, 139 High Street, Linton, Cambridge, CB1 6JT - 01223 893720 - David Urwin and Nick Baines have both treated our gerbils and indeed many of our other animals (I have been using this vets since around 1995, it is now 2002).You feel that you are an individual not a number or pound signs, as they take care of both you and your pets. Unfortunately, some of our pets have been too ill to save, but compassion and the animal's welfare always come first.

Recommended by 

Kensington Veterinary Care, Green Street surgery,Green Street, Darlington,DL1 1HJ,01325 469165,

I have 2-Year-old pair of Gerbils, which have produced 57 offspring. I noticed that the mail had a small lump in the middle of its tummy; on checking the NGS I found that it was a scent gland Tumour. I telephoned the vets and made an appointment the vet agreed that it was a tumour and said that they can remove it that same day. She warned me of a small chance that my Gerbil may not wake from the Anaesthetic. I left my telephone number and 2 hours later the Vets rang me saying I could pick him up. The cost was £32 including a course of antibiotics for 1 of my other Gerbils which had a sore nose. Both are now very well. 

Recommended by

Abercorn Surgery, 175 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh EH15 1EU - 0131 657 1658

He always takes time with you, never rushes, and hasn't charged me for advice without treatment, even though we were there for over 20 minutes, Very patient, considerate and seems very caring of his patients.

Recommended by H Carter

Mr Martin Lawton and Steve Drivers, 12 Fitzilian Ave, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 OQS

May be a little expensive but experienced and thorough exotic vets. Recommended by several people.

Wylie Veterinary Centre in Upminster - 01708-251200. 

William Lewis is an experienced exotic animal vet who has successfully practised a large range of procedures on gerbils including, tumour removal and speying. 

Self  nominated

A E G Adams, The Veterinary Centre, 431 Crow Road, Glasgow, G11 7DZ - 0141 339 1228


I went here for a second opinion when my oldest gerbil, Darla was seriously ill in January 04 and my local vet couldn't have been less caring. Ms Adams was very sympathetic, although she thought Darla (18 months at the time) was not going to make it. Ms Adams took the time to narrow down what was wrong (there was severe bleeding from the vagina), a problem with the womb. It wasnt clear if it was caused by a cyst, tumour or infection, although no lumps could be felt in the stomach area. I must have spent at least 15 minutes talking to Ms Adams, also during which time she even offered to give Darla a hesterectomy! 

I'm happy to say that for a small ball of fluff with a poor prognosis, Darla bounced back. She made a full recovery and is back to her old self of demolishing cardboard and trying to steal banana chips from her daughter, September. Darla is just a little bit out of shape hormonally and will try to mate with the long suffering September on occasion! 

Although 3 of my four gerbils are registered with the original vet I took Darla to, the Crow Rd Practice is my first port of call when I have problems. The assistant vet, Claire Hughes is also very good with small animals like gerbils and recently gave Ozzy, one of my males a clean bill of health with the patience of a saint, as she had to deal with him eating the stethoscope and peeing during the examination! 

Recommended by

Rowe Veterinary Group, 4 locations in South Gloucestershire: Yate, Thorbury, Bradley Stoke and Wooton Under Edge. Tel 01453 843295 - I have been to Yate, Bradley Stoke and the Wooton Branches, and I can personally vouch for them. They're superb and don't cost the earth (£10 for the initial consultation + the cost of any medication).

Recommended by

Roebuck Veterinary Centre, Roebuck Gate, Stevenage, Herts - (01438) 354599

I have recommended this vet because I have been there since I have ever had any pets, I took degu's there and they were interested to treat exotic animals. They also like treating small animals.

Recommended by Alison

Mr Alistair Lawrie, The Lawrie Veterinary practice, 55 Main Street, Cumbernauld, Scotland, 01236 727876

The Glasgow Vet School consultant on rodents - he is an excellent vet and extremely approachable hamster lover. He has bred hamsters for many years and genuinely cares as well as being very proficient at hamster surgery - dwarf and Syrian. We travel for an hour to see him and he is the only person we would trust to operate on dwarfs. Even if you are miles away, please ring for advice.  In 25 years of consults, he is the vet I most respect for his skill and dedication.

Recommended by

Eastgate Veterinary Practice, Millburn Road, Inverness, IV2 3PY - 01463 230893

Mr ER Jolley and his staff always show great interest in my gerbils whenever they have to attend and give them as much care and 
attention as they do more common pets. The vets are very knowledgeable about gerbils and always show sympathy to both patient and owner. I had a breeding female who developed a prolapsed bladder and was very poorly. Mr Jolley examined her with extreme gentleness and not only managed to reposition the bladder without having to attempt surgery but also suggested that housing her with another female rather than her mate might prevent a reoccurrence. Sure enough, nine months on my girl is well and thriving with her 'step daughter'. Not only that, but when I took one of my males to have his teeth trimmed recently Mr Jolley made a point of enquiring how she was. That makes you feel that your pets are as important to the vet as they are to you. 

Recommended by   

Meadow Lane Vets Clinic, Meadow Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire,01509 212 437,

They have been very through in treating two of my gerbils, at a very reasonable price. Their handling of them was excellent. 

Recommended by  

Mr Humphreys, Ark Veterinary Centre Unit 17 Woodend Industrial Estate Woodend Avenue Liverpool L24 9JE - 0151 486 6999

Mr Humphreys is an excellent rodent vet and has treated my gerbils. He used to be in Crosby but has now set up his own practice here. He owns gerbils himself and is also an excellent rabbit vet, being one of the only in the area to spay female rabbits.

Recommended by

Bairbre O'Malley of (Animal Hospital fame) has an Exotic Pet Clinic at The Royal Veterinary College, Royal College Street, London NW1 0TU 020 7387 8134. It's relatively expensive but they have one of the best facilities in the UK.

Recommended by who keeps gerbils, jirds, chinchillas and degus.

Vet Submission,Ellie Richardson, Norwood Road Veterinary Surgery, 10 Norwood Road, London SE24 9BH,020 8671 3421

Ellie Richardson recently performed an op. on one of our gerbils who has since recovered very quickly. She has treated our small & larger animals & I would highly recommend her.

Recommended by

Alan Brown and Associates, 160 St. Johns Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, EH12,   0131 334 4577

We too one of our gerbils to Mr Brown about 18 months ago in a nearly comatose state fully expecting for him to be put down. Mr Brown hwerer said "The life's not gone from the wee fella yet". One injection of steroids and antibiotics and a tense night of hand feeding and he was well on the road to recovery. We have been back several times with him and he has now outlived one of his brothers!

Recommended by .

Jane Whitaker of Animal Care Veterinary Clinic, Station Road, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1QD, 0191 213 0991

I think Jane is very good and caring. She has delt with a lot of my gerbils and other animals and I can definately recommend this surgery.

Recommended by

The Old Golfhouse Veterinary Group, Watton, Norfolk - 01953881415

He's my dad.

Recomended by

Begg and Partners, 40 Stonehouse Road, Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, Scotland - 01357-520251

My gerbil has a tumour, and I found this vet was very sympathetic, under the circumstances (the gerbil will die any day soon), and she fully explained what was wrong with her and told me what to do.

Recommended  by

Mike Hanlon, Acorn Veterinary Surgery, Hawks Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey - 0181 549 3567

Mike has been brilliant with all my animals, especially my gerbils. He is not one of those that send you home for wasting his time.

Recommended by

Heron Veterinary Surgery, 101 Central Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5SQ - Tel 0181 640 2064.

We have been using this practise for nearly 10 years. We cannot recommend them highly enough. In particular, Mr Treherne, the senior vet, always seems to take great pleasure in treating something a bit out of the ordinary. Emergencies 24 hours.

Recommended by

Mark Nelson, 81 Woodville Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon. Surrey - 020 8771 7555

Mark operated on my hammie Truffle as lump was a hernia. Intestines womb and liver etc. were in the lump. She pulled through with a phone call from Mark to see how she was the next day and went onto live to maximum age. It was a first for him and full credit. His other vets are caring and knowledgeable for a mouse or a great dane....nurses and receptionists are top class and sympathetic. Top avian vet Allan Jones has a surgery there twice weekly also. I have  owned gerbils, degus, syrian and russian hammies, rabbit's budgies,cockatiels and kittens. Believe it or not I run a pet shop that actually cares and keep my own little ones bar the kittens as an example for customers and of course my pleasure and theirs. Where no treatment has been given, just good advice there has been no time limit and no charge. If a sad ending it is with true sorrow and no rush for payment. In this financial gain age, a vet I would trust and recommend 

Recommended by   

Bell and Partners M's. R.C.V.S. Veterinary Surgeons, 2-4 Norton Hill Drive, Coventry, Warwickshire - 024-7660-2564 and 41 Rugby Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire - 01926 421465,

Recommended by

I have been using the Coventry branch for a number of years, for a variety of family pets and my breeding gerbils. I have recommended them to friends who have also been pleased with the treatment given their animals. These branches have a specialism for small animals and medium pets, (they treat Equine and large animals at another branch) They show great care and interest in treating the Gerbils, and the price of treatment is very reasonable too. 

Bell and Partners, Veterinary Surgeons, 2-4 Norton Hill Drive, Coventry, Wyken CV2 3AS - 02476602564

I actually have found this veterinary here on this site! 
I took my male gerbil on the 30 Sept 2008 we came from Birmingham. Ross (the vet) had a look at Ratty Patty (one of my male gerbils) who had a scent gland tumour, and offered to do the operation on the same day, so I don't have to make the same journey again, which was so kind to start with! Then he looked at Ratty's belly and said "yes that has got to come off, gerbils don't like anything on themselves so he has been picking the tumour, can tell as it has a scar on". So he knew what he was talking about, he knew about gerbils very well. So I left Ratty there with his mate Charlie and left home. We were on the motorway when my phone rang, the vet called (first I thought I may hear bad news), but was told that the operation went well and can pick Ratty up!!! and that was exactly an hour after I dropped him off at Dr Ross! Now that is fantastic!!!! I paid £54 including antibiotics. The local vet I went to was giving me two options, 1 remove the tumour for £90 or 2 "leave the tumour as it is". So I think I rather travel back to Coventry if I need help with my gerbils, as they are defo know much about little rodents. saw pictures of rats, ferrets, rabbits and hamsters too so i would say they are real good with rodents as well as dogs and cats. Highly recommend them, can tell they really like animals, not just my money. 
Ratty is now happily chewing away on the cardboard rolls and begging for his favourite treat, cheese. 

Recommended by Eszter Riches


Mr James Ford & Miss Gail Dickson, Albyn Veterinary Centre, Greendykes Road, BROXBURN, West Lothian, Scotland - 01506 852498

Both Mr Ford (senior partner) and Miss Dickson have given excellent care and attention to my gerbils over the last year. My three and a half year old male had a very large scent gland tumour removed, and has been treated for an inner ear growth. The vets are always delighted to see the gerbils (makes a change from dogs & cats!) and take great care of them. Nothing is too much trouble - they are always willing to offer advice and often don't charge for minor procedures. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Recommended by 

Endell Veterinary Group - 49, Endless Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3UH.

We have always found this practice to be very understanding regardless of whether the animals have been Cats, Fish, Lizards, Birds or Gerbils and would have no problems recommending them to other Gerbil carers.

We see Mrs. Sam Cutler and she advises us that Endell has similar recommendations from Dog, Rabbit and Cat groups - showing the high regard that pet carers in general hold this practice.

Recommended  by

Deane Braid-Lewis (BVSc MRCVS) - Coastway Veterinary Group, Shoreham Veterinary Clinic, 67 High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5DE - 01273 454040/Fax 01273 464747

I've recommended Deane Braid-Lewis as I've found him very good with my gerbils, also very kind and sympathetic when my dear gerbil had to be put to sleep. He seems to have the knack for handling all small creatures. Unlike some vets who are mainly occupied with cats dogs and rabbits who cannot handle small animals, he has good experience and i highly reccomend him as a local vet.

Recommended by

Chamings and Carmman - 38 Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, England - 01684 560940

I recommend this vet as they were and always have been very helpful with small rodents and large animals. especially with my degu's they have been very helpful. Also doing work experience there I know they are very good at there jobs and always extremly helpful.

Recommended by

[Picture] United States (Alphabetically by State)

Dr. Joseph Bock, D.V.M., Adobe Animal Hospital, 4660 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80303 - (303) 494-4344

Recommended by

When I first moved to the area I called several vet clinics about a gerbil problem. Most of the clinics simply dismissed me by telling me to bring in the gerbil ($50, please). Dr. Bock was not only the first to call me back (in person!), but he listened thoroughly to my concerns, asked questions, and gave me detailed advice - all despite the fact that I had never been in his office before. He even agreed that it was better NOT to bring in the gerbil at that point. His advice worked, saving my little guy the stress of a vet visit and saving me a little money.

Since that time Dr. Bock has consistently demonstrated deep caring for animals and expertise in dealing with small mammals (among other things, he has given gerbils a more thorough check-up than I formerly knew was possible!). I cannot recommend him highly enough. In addition to gerbils, he also welcomes hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, and rabbits (as well as cats and dogs).

Centennial Animal Hospital, Dr. Karen Vollmar, 6870 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs,  Colorado, USA - 719-528-1693

Recommended by

They did a gerbil neuter for me for $43. on 2nf January 2003. They regularly do small animals like hamsters and gerbils, and can do the anesthesia properly. I have them on my website under 'Spud's Big Adventure' which is about the gerbil I mentioned getting neutered. 

Dr. Jose Pepen, Alohas Pet and Bird Hospital, 968 E. Eau Gallie Causway, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937 - 321-777-6444

Recommended by

We had a sick gerbil named Stuart for four years and her teeth were too long. That was the reason she died. She had a wooden block that she used to chew on and stopped. We didn't know that you can trim their teeth. Stuart passed away in their office and they were very compassionate. They gave me a hug and let me talk to my two boys in one of their rooms and we cried. They were very compassionate and understanding. They didn't charge me anything and took care of Stuart's body. I recommend their practice to anyone who has a pet or pets large or small. They were great! 

Briarcliff Animal Clinic 1850 Johnson Road Atlanta, Ga, U.S - 404-874-6393

Briarcliff Animal Clinic is a very understanding animal clinic. I had an appointment once because one of my gerbils was sick. She died before the appointment and the receptionist was very kind when we called to cancel. Additionally, one of my gerbils got a bloody ear because she scratched a scab off, and they gave me some ointment which worked. Then I took another gerbil there, and she had a cold. Unfortunately she died two days later of dehydration, but they gave her shots and antibiotics to take home. I couldn't get her to drink enough. They are really nice. They are also good with other animals like dogs and cats. Visit their website at Their hours are Mon-Thurs. 8:30-7:00, Fri. 8:30-6:00, Sat. 8:30-5:00, Sun. 1:30-5:00 

Recommended by .

Dr. Richard Bink 2357 Ogeechee Road Savannah, GA 31401 - (912) 234-4772

A Great Vet!!! I don't know what I'd do with out him. He is great with all small animals.

Recommended by

Dr Bink and one of his associates are very friendly and knowledgeable about exotics. They have treated my guinea pigs for 4 years, and my gerbils for 1. Our third day of owning a gerbil, his tail was stripped, they took him right away and did a surgical procedure - clipped her tail, and put her on antibiotics. They call after to see how the animal is doing and follow-ups are usually included in the very reasonable cost. They have also boarded my guinea pig when it was on an antibiotic and I needed to go out of town. I recommend you get acquainted with them for one visit even if your pet is healthy as I find most vets are more inclined to see you if you are a "patient" before the emergency. Good luck!!

Jefferson Animal Hospital East 5400 Del Maria Way, Louisville, KY- Drs. Teresa Gregory and Pam Williams - (502) 499-6535 - I have used both vets (Dr. Gregory just moved from an associated emergency centre a couple of months ago) for 2 years with my rats, bird, as well as my dogs and cats. They are both gentle and knowledgeable with my babies, and I assume would be the same with gerbils and other small pets.

Recommended by

Dr. Kenneth Welle of All Creatures Animal Hospital 708 Kilarney Urbana, IL 61810 - 328-4143

Recommended by

All Creatures Animal Hospital offers a "pocket pet" program. They charge one low fee (around $30) per year. This covers up to 3 small animals. Included in this fee are all office visits, as well as discounts on surgery, etc. All of the employees and vets have been excellent!

Virginia Skinner DVM, 1741 S. Glendale, Wichita, KS 67218- 316-682-5335

Recommended by By

Dr. Skinner has removed a tumour from one of my gerbil's ears.

The Animal Care Center, 678 Brookline Ave, Brookline, MA 02445 - 617-277-2030

Recommended by

This practice has several vets who have experience with gerbils and small animals- I brought a small, very feisty black gerbil there for a respiratory infection, and they were great! The technician and the vet knew how to handle him properly, and they were very helpful in explaining how to administer the antibiotics when I ran into some trouble. A very good group!

Thomas M. Bankstahl, D.V.M, Nucci Veterinary Clinic, St. Clair Shores, Michigan - (810)293-3922.

Recommended by

Dr. Ann Barksdale, Grove Square Pet Hospital, 14040 81st Avenue, North Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311 (612) 420-7958

Recommended by

Dr. Christine M. Simcik, 16970 Manchester Road P.O. Box 323 Grover, Missouri 63040, (314) 458-3353

Is very reasonable price wise with rodents and larger animals. Has operated on one of my animals (for Scent Gland Tumour) and did a wonderful job on him. Has a 24 Hour Emergency Service.

Recommended by

Dr. Karen, Serenity Animal Hospital, Sterling Heights, MI - 810-264-8387

Recommended by

I have had gerbils for about 9 years, and they all have been relatives of the first 4 gerbils that I bought around 1990. Currently I have only 6 gerbils left from this lineage, so I introduced one of the 4 brothers, that had been living together, with his sister(who lived with the mom until she died). I'm not sure, but maybe introducing a male of his age (approx 2 yrs old) to a female caused the problem, but a tumour appeared underneath his tail, on his genitals shortly after they started to live together (3 months). They never seemed to mate, although she seemed eager. This tumour was about the size of a pea soon and I took him to this vet. He seemed to be eating and drinking fine, but it would bleed slightly once in awhile. First visit, we thought we could just leave it alone, but after a day I came home to find a lot of blood everywhere in the cage and my gerbil (Fatty Patty) seemed in distress. I rushed him to Dr. Karen, she looked at the tumour and was able to give him a local anaesthesia, cut off the tumour, and cauterised the area so it wouldn't bleed. He seems to be doing much better, and so is my heart since I thought I would have to put him to sleep that night. I was really glad I had a vet who was able to work on my small gerbil, and for very reasonable price. That whole emergency visit only cost me $35. I wasn't aware that gerbils stop breeding around 2 yrs old, so unfortunately it seems these are the last of Fatty Patty's family.

Community Animal Hospital Union and Washington Ave. Union Beach, New Jersey,732-739-2111

Recommended by

The vets are very nice and I really love their staff. They are very helpful. I take my two puppies there and my inlaws also bring their dog there. I know that they see small animals. They are one of the few practices in the Monmouth County area to see small critters.

Julius Tepper, D.V.M. Shirley Veterinary Hospital 1010 Montauk Highway Shirley, NY, 11967 USA (516) 281-8820

He is one of the few vets in our area who treats exotics. He treats all animals, reptiles and even fish. He is an excellent surgeon - he removed scent gland tumours from my two males. He used staples to suture them. I know he has several rat patients, but I think we may have been his first gerbil patients. In between the time when my gerbils had their office visit and the day of their surgery, he went to the trouble of reading up on scent gland tumours and even had one biopsied afterwards (non-cancerous).

Tammy Barickman, 316 Vernedale Drive, Mount Vernon, Ohio,- 43050-4755 - (740) 397-5958

Recommended by

I have recommended Ms. Barrickman because unlike other local vets, she takes summer training courses in small animals. She knows what she is doing, and does it at a lower price.

Recommended by

Dr. Kenneth O'Hanlon, 510 W. Grand, Frederick, OK 73542 - (580) 335-7515

Recommended by

I have visited with gerbils three times now and have been quite happy. He is very good with small animals and provides many helpful suggestions.

Amy Carter-Storm DVM, Veterinary Housecall Services, 7119 North Sangre, Stillwater, OK 74075, USA, 405-377-3838.

Dr. Storm is familiar with gerbils as she, or rather her son, has owned them. She knows how to handle them and what to look for when examining them. Plus, she makes house calls, which means the pairs stay together and the gerbils are not stressed by visits to a clinic. After they are examined they are immediately returned to the familiar environment of their tank.

Recommended by

Dr Gregg Moore Lovers Lane Kersey, PA,(814) 885-6300,Dr Moore has a very personable nature and is good with small animals. I had 2 gerbils get very ill at the same time. Unfortunately one didn't even make it to see Dr Moore. After telling me that my black male gerbil, Chubbs, had an infection, he informed me that staff, strep and respiratory infections were common with gerbils. As he checked 
Chubbs over and administered some medication he let me know that there was still a better chance that he wouldn't make it. Not to count Chubbs out yet, "sometimes we can get in there and turn these things around", he said. I appreciated the hope he gave me to do everything I could to help my little buddy make it through this illness. He didn't get my hopes up too high. He kept me based in reality. A couple days after the visit I thought Chubbs was looking a bit stronger. He collapsed later that day. I was definitely disappointed. I was only surprised because I thought he was getting better. We did all! we could for him by not giving up on him. It's just nice to know that there's a gerbil vet right here in backwoods PA that you can turn to. Make no mistake. Although I have lost my Chubbs, you can be sure if one of my other gerbils needs medical attention they'll be seeing Dr Gregg Moore. 

Recommended by

Dr. Judith A. Rutkowski, D.V.M. Dr. Karen L. Keinard, D.V.M. Allentown Animal Clinic 2640 Walbert Avenue Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104 - (610) 434-4470

Recommended by

Both Dr. Rutkowski and Dr. Keinard are very knowledgeable and care very much about all their little patients. They have treated my hamsters and gerbils, and Dr. Keinard just recently had to amputate the left foreleg of one of my 3+ year old gerbils due to a large growth encompassing it. I was very concerned about the surgery, especially due to my pet's advanced age, but Dr. Keinard brought her through it just fine, and my "Little Girl Gerbil" is doing great! They treat other exotics such as birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles, etc., as well as dogs and cats. I'm very glad I found them.

Nancy A. Dreschel, DVM, Animal Medical Hospital, 1909 North Atherton Street, College, PA 16803 - (814) 234-0201 - Extremely helpful and caring about your pet and you. Very reasonably priced. Home services available in emergency situations.

Recommended by

Veterinary Services of Wickford, 25 Shermantown Rd, Saunderstown, RI. - (401)294-9518

Recommended by

Hi, I was linked to here from the RMCA. Anyway, I had a good experience with this vet in RI, which none from RI listed on any of these sites. So my vet who did a very good job with my pet rat Walter who had some skin problems that made him itch until he had scabs all over him. He knew right what the problem was and treated it. They say they are a full service hospital for cats, dogs, reptiles, ferrets (Dr. Bird is GREAT with Ferrets) and pocket pets, rats, mice, gerbils ect..... 

Gene R. Kluck, DVM. 800, 10th Street SW, Watertown, SD 57201 - 605*882*2210

A Great Vet!!! I don't know what I'd do with out him. He is great with all small animals.

Recommended by

Lisa Bolin, DVM @ Town and Country Veterinary Hospital Winchester, TN 37398 - (931) 967-3666

Recommended by

I think that George may have been one of their first gerbil patients, but they did a wonderful job of removing his scent gland tumour. I feel Lisa really did her homework on gerbils and feel that they could do a great job on just about any animal. They have a great staff, reasonable prices, and knowledgeable, caring doctors. George came home almost as if nothing happened (except for those awful staples that made his tummy itch:) ),so I know they handled him very well. I really appreciate their polite, compassionate manner.

J.E. Parham, Huntingdon Animal Clinic, 280 Veterans Dr N, Huntingdon, TN 38344,(901)986-3693

Recommended by

When my husband and I first obtained our rats, guinea pig, and gerbils, we were afraid we'd have to go rather far away to locate a vet willing to treat them. Luckily, we found Dr. Parham and she has been a truly wonderful vet. She does thorough examinations, asks lots of questions to make certain she can give an accurate diagnosis, and seems to really love working with and helping animals.

ABC Animal & Bird Clinic, 11930 Hwy. 6 South, Sugar Land, Texas 77478: Stephen A. Fronefield, DVM, ABVP 
and Kimberly Roset, DVM ,281-495-9445.

Recommended by  

I cannot praise highly enough the two young doctors of the Animal and Bird Clinic. Both doctors are graduates of Texas A&M School of Veterinarian Medicine and both had gerbils when they were youngsters. This would explain, beside their medical expertise, why they handle gerbils with such loving care and attention. 

Randall K. Hickman of Animal Medical Center 511 N. Central # 130McKinney, TX,972-542-8675

Recommended by

Treats rats AND GERBILS routinely in his McKinney practice which is a suberb of Dallas. He charges $30 for 1 pet or $35 for multiples of the same species up to 10 critters. After 10, the visit is $40. He has been featured in magazines and the Dallas Morning News (Dallas' main newspaper) as an expert for rodents. We recently took our rats there and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and using the latest reported methods of rat ! treatment unlike our last vet (not necessarily her fault since she wasn't really the one treating them we found out soon enough). He is also on the RMCA's reccomended list of vets. 

West Seattle Animal Hospital Dr. Johnson4714 42nd Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116,206 932 3308

Recommended by

Vet Submission,,I've had a total of five visits to Dr. Johnson between various hamsters and gerbils. He's very well-versed in the care, examination, handling, and treatment of "pocket pets," having (as I understand it) specialized in this area during his residency.

Dr. Johnson is extremely kind and gentle when handling the little guys, and it's always a treat to watch him at work. I've taken rodents to many doctors over the years, but I simply can't say enough nice things about Dr. Johnson, and I highly recommend him for anyone located in Washington State

Dale E. Penegor, Hales Corners Vet. Clinic, 5118 S. 108th St. (hwy. 100), Hales Corners, WI 53130 - 425-2339

Recommended by S.E.

Has trimmed many of my gerbils teeth, has always been very helpful.

Hours- 8-6 Mon-Fri  - 8-12 Sat

also said about this vet -

"This veterinarian has saved many of my pets lives and believe me I have many!!
He has always been there every time we had an emergency. You can trust this man with your pets and wont be worried if they will get hurt. He is very good at his job.

Dr. Christopher Hanley, Resident, Univ of WI-Madison Vet School, 2015 Linden Dr. Madison, WI 53706 -608-263-7600

Dr. Hanley is very knowledgeable and incredibly good with gerbils, and I would highly recommend him for anything you would need. He has treated my gerbils for abscesses, scent gland tumors, and other things. Also, the vet school is always training new vets in the care of special species, so there are students learning from your experience at  the same time that your gerbil is being treated. I found that to be rewarding as well! 

Recommended by

Animal Medical Center, 460 Hartman Run Road, Morgantown, WV 26505
Alex G. Casuccio, D.V.M., G. Halstead Legg, D.V.M. - 304 292-0126,

I recently had one of my gerbils, Spike, develop a scent gland tumor and had a difficult time finding a local vet who would even do surgery on gerbils. A friend, who has exotic birds, recommended Animal Medical Center, run by Drs. Alex Casuccio and G. Halstead Legg. My gerbil was examined by Dr. Legg, who also did the successful surgery. I was very impressed both with Dr. Legg's knowledge of gerbil treatment and behavior, and with her gentle, expert handling of my Spike, who tends to be very nervous in strange situations. I was also impressed that Dr. Legg gave Spike a thorough physical examination prior to the surgery, checking him for other tumors and ailments. They have a wonderful staff, very friendly and well-informed. I would highly recommend Animal Medical Center to anyone in this (gerbil vet-deprived) area. 

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