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What do winning gerbils look like?

Here are some examples:

[Picture] This Grey Agouti was the winner at The London Championship Show in 1996. Bred and owned by Jackie Roswell.
[Picture] This Ruby-Eyed White, owned and bred by Jackie Roswell won the London Championship Show in 1997.
winner3.jpg (17873 bytes) The winner at Stafford 98. A young Golden Agouti owned and bred by Jackie Roswell
[Picture] This young Slate, owned and bred by Brian Leiper won Bradford 1999.
winner4.jpg (33318 bytes) A spotted Grey Agouti won the Enfield Show for Jackie Roswell on 6 March.
winner5.jpg (12826 bytes) This Black won best gerbil entered by a Juvenile exhibitor for Justine Sharples at Blackpool, April 1999.
thumb89.jpg (14089 bytes) A young Lilac that won Best in Show for Jackie Roswell at the Blackpool Show held in April 1999.
[Picture] This Burmese under 13 weeks won Enfield on the 5 June 1999 for Oundle Stud.
thumb92.jpg (16444 bytes) This Slate won Stafford 1999 for Linda Humphreys.

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