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If you keep gerbils you have probably at some time bought a book on gerbil care. Unfortunately most of the books available are written by professional writers who have little if any experience of keeping gerbils. As a result the information contained is often inaccurate or out of date. The following two books are recommended because they are written by people who have an active interest in the care of gerbils and jirds. The books don't have pages and pages of huge glossy photos that many of the more popular books have, but they contain lots of reliable information on how to care for your pets.

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Rennmäuse - Gerbils: A Complete Pet Owner's Guide

By Engelbert Kötter in collaboration with Ehrenfried Ehrenstein

This book, in both English and German versions, is an excellent guide to keeping Gerbils. It has good sections on gerbil behaviour, genetics and treatment of illness and injury. The only flaw with the English version of this excellent book is that there are one or two areas where the direct translation from German to English may be a little confusing. For example, the names of colours have not been translated to their English equivalents - IE German "Platin" = English "Platinum" but the colour is known as "Dove" in English speaking countries.

By Engelbert Kötter in collaboration with Ehrenfred Ehrenstein,
Graefe und Unzer,
Posttfach 8603 66
D-81630 Munchen
Price Dm14.90 (approx £5)
ISBN  3-7742-3141-9

By Engelbert Kötter in collaboration with Ehrenfred Ehrenstein,
Barron's Educational Series,
250 Wireless Boulevard
New York, 11788
Price £5.99
ISBN 0-7641-0939-1


De gerbil als gezelschapsdier

(Gerbils as companions)

By Fred Petrij and Netty de Wit

Despite not speaking or reading Dutch I found this an impressive book. It is packed with advice on caring for Mongolian Gerbils with plenty of additional information on genetics and exotic species kept in the Netherlands.

Although only 88 pages the book is well laid out with pictures or diagrams on almost every page. The only failings of this book are that the pictures could be larger and the text could be in English! Seriously, I only hope that an English edition is published because there is no book quite like this currently available in my native tongue.

De Gerbil als gezelschapsdier
(Gerbils as companions)
By Fred Petrij and Netty de Wit
Etiko uitgeverij (Etiko publishers)
Price: f24,50  (approx £8)
ISBN 90-5266-143-X
Distributed by:
PO box 7038
9701 JA Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 50 3144187
Fax: +31 50 3139200


Gerbils and Jirds

By Brian Leiper

Brian Leiper, currently Chairman of the National Gerbil Society, has kept gerbils for over 2 decades. He has published several papers on gerbil colour genetics in partnership with the late Roy Robinson.

The book covers briefly, but effectively, the information that a gerbil keeper needs. In addition it contains a great deal of information on several exotic species of gerbil and jird and finally incorporates an introduction to gerbil colour genetics.

Gerbils and Jirds
By Brian Leiper
Basset Publications
ISBN 0-9468873-94-1
Available direct from the publishers
60 North Hill
S Devon
United Kingdom

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Your First Jird

By Julie Davis

Julie has a lot of experience of keeping Jirds, having help run a successful rodent rescue for many years.

The book is an excellent introduction to keeping Shaw's Jirds. It contains sound information on the housing, feeding and breeding of the animals.

Your First Jird
By Julie Davis
Published by TFH
Kingdom Books
United Kingdom
ISBN 185279139-X

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