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What is the National Gerbil Society?

The National Gerbil Society (previously known as The National Mongolian Gerbil Society) is a British society for the promotion of Gerbils and Jirds as pets, and exhibition animals. Overseas members are invited. It was founded in 1970. All members receive;

A quarterly journal, sent by post containing the latest gerbil news, show reports, articles, member's letters and information on gerbil care. If you have Java you can view a sample by clicking here (about 500Kb).
A Yearbook giving the rules, show regulations and breed standards.

Members can exhibit at one of our shows held in various parts of Great Britain. At our shows exhibitors compete for trophies and rosettes. Most importantly our shows are fun and give our members an opportunity to meet others who keep and breed gerbils.

[Picture]The Society's Rules, or

[Picture]The Society's Show Standards.

How do I join the Society?

or, to make sure she has all the information necessary to answer your query please use the following form:

Your Name:
Your Email Address:

If you do not know your E-mail address then please to send E-mail to Jackie instead. 

The Country where you live:
Please indicate if you are: aged under 17
or, 17 or older
Do want information on joining the National Gerbil Society? Yes
If there is anything else you want to ask, please enter your message in the space provided below. Do not use this for urgent queries about your gerbils health etc as the message may not be read immediately. For a more immediate response, please direct.

form mail

Where is the Society's next show?

For details of the next show check out The Events Page where full details are available.

What happens at a Gerbil Show?

Check out the Gerbil Show Page.

Are there any shows in other countries?

A list of events is available. This site will advertise any shows or events where gerbils will be present. Simply mail with the details.

Are there any other Gerbil Societies?

[Picture] The American Gerbil Society has just been formed.

Contact for details of the [Picture] Swedish Gerbil Society (SGF). The Swedish Hamster Club also as a Gerbil Section.

There is also a webpage for flag37.gif (1399 bytes) The Finnish Gerbil Society - E-mail them .

A Gerbil Society for French Speakers flag08.gif (1381 bytes) L'Association des Gerbilles Francophones.

A new flag05.gif (1014 bytes) Canadian Society has been formed. them for more info.

In Belgium Flemish gerbil keepers are served by Rodent, De Vlaamse Knaagdierenclub flag38.gif (1362 bytes). them.

A flag09.gif (968 bytes)  German Gerbil Society would like to hear from people interested in joining.

I have a problem, where can I get help or advice about gerbils?

You can try the Gerbil FAQ or join the Gerbil Mailing List, there will probably be someone there who can help.

The Gerbil Links page has many links to helpful documents.

For more info concerning the National Gerbil Society please use the form above. If you don't have forms, mail:

Want to know more about:

Other species of Gerbil?
Gerbil Colour Genetics?
Lots of gerbil related links?

Why not join the Gerbil Mailing List? Simply mail:

to join ongoing discussions on gerbils.

Before you subscribe read a few simple rules about what is permissible in discussions.

For more information on the list, including instructions on using it, help is at hand.

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