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The following links all relate in some way to gerbils and jirds. I can't guarantee they all work, but they did when they were originally added to this page.

Many subjects are covered by the NGS pages. Go to the Index to see what is on offer.

The NGS pages are being translated into French flag08.gif (1381 bytes)

You will probably find some other Gerbil pages by following the Gerbil and Jird Ring. If you have your own Gerbil page then add it to the ring and it should also appear on this page.

This page is always under construction as I discover new Gerbil webpages.

Gerbil Information

Gerbil Societies

Gerbil Fun

Genetics Programs

Personal Webpages

More Gerbil Links

Gerbil Information

Answer your gerbil queries with the Gerbil FAQ

The Gerbil Information Page
Also available in Dutch. flag34.gif (988 bytes)

Ehrenfried's home! the location of the Gerbil Behaviour page and The Gerbil Colour Palette. flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Comfortable Quarters for Gerbils in Research Institutions

Small and Furries has loads of info on various Gerbil and other rodent species - also has active Chat and Bulletin Boards

The American Gerbil Society Gerbil Care Handbook

The American Gerbil Society Colour Strips (What colour is my Gerbil)?

Kelly's Colour Page.


Gerbil Housing Page

Gerbil "How to ...?" videos 

Want to know more about:


[Picture]Other species of Gerbils and Jirds?

[Picture]Gerbil Colour Genetics?

[Picture]Scientific Literature on Gerbil Colour Genetics?

[Picture]How to Sex Gerbils?

[Picture]Why Do My Gerbils Burrow in the Corner?

[Picture]Introducing Adult Gerbils

Information on how gerbils live in the wild.

The Origin of Rodents

Get general advice on gerbil keeping with How to Keep a Gerbil Happy.

Help your sick gerbil with Diseases of Gerbils.

Learn about Diseases and Ailments of gerbils from an experienced gerbil keeper.

Give Your Gerbil a Health Check

Recommended books on Gerbils.

How do I tell the difference between a Pied and a Patched gerbil?

Another very good Shaw's Jird site.

The Smithsonian Institute has a great database of mammal species. Once there search the species list for gerbillinae and choose "offsping" to view lists of gerbil species.

There is some advice on gerbil care at the The Dani Clan .

Leaflets on Gerbil Care you can print out.

The Rodent Fancy pages have lots of good info on Gerbils and other rodents.

Gerbils and Mice

Paula's Small Animal Petting Zoo

Want to find some gerbil breeders: Gerbil Mania

Vet-U-Like will help you find a local vet (UK only)

The NGS has a page of recommended vets

Veterinary Info from the British Veterinary Association

The Supreme Petfood Gerri Gerbil Site

De Mongoolse Gerbil Website (English and Dutch) flag34.gif (988 bytes)  

Gerbil Show UK - including an excellent discussion forum

Brooks Gerbils  

A Webpage of Gerbils  

The Gerbil Rehoming Register  

Mongolfutoeger (A huge selection of Gerbil Links English and Hungarian)

Gerbil Societies

L'Association des Gerbilles Francophones*flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

The National Gerbil Society (UK) flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

The American Gerbil Society flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

The Gerbil section of the Swedish Hamster Club flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

Swedish Gerbil Society flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

The Finnish Gerbil Society flag37.gif (1399 bytes)

The Canadian Gerbil Society flag05.gif (1014 bytes)

flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Rodent, De Vlaamse Knaagdierenclub - Club de Rongeurs flag38.gif (1362 bytes) Flemish and French

Gerbil Fun

Want a Gerbil Screensaver? Courtesy of Fred van Veen and The Gerbil Information Page.

Try this link for some Gerbil Wallpaper.

Or a Gerbil Racing Game? (Needs Shockwave Plug-in)

Gerbil Facts?

How about a gerbil short story? - Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils.

Plenty of gerbil graphics

A Gerbil Chat Club


SEG - The Search for Extraterrestrial Gerbils - Part of the SETI@Home project.

Own, breed, care for and show virtual gerbils at Cyber Animals.

The Church of the Gerbil

Gerbil Power - Bizarre!

Ralph Le Gerbois, Vice-President of Information Security

Gerbils Living Under Water?

For real!  

The Killer Gerbil  

Rate the rodent pictures at  

Genetics Programs

There is a CSH script that can be run under UNIX to predict the outcome of certain matings.

This has now been converted to C,

And compiled to run in Windows 95.

Personal Webpages

A very good collection of gerbil photos and probably the first gerbil video on the web!

There are plenty more videos here (MPEG).

Lucie the Gerbil - This site, one of the very first gerbil sites on the internet, has now closed. Clicking on the link will take you to an archived version of the page.

There is some good information and photos at The Dani Clan
Now some of this site is in French!  flag08.gif (1381 bytes)

The Little Rascals

Gerbil House

These are my pets, also ideas of what you can use or make. If you have good ideas for gerbil toys or habitats. You can send them to this site.

Home of The Ashley Gerbils

My Gerbils!

The APE Clan

The Ardvas Clan

Jenn's Place 

Gerbils and Mice

Meriones Molly

Kim's Farm of Critters  

The Snooty Agouti

The Spice Gerbils

ABC Gerbils

Dana's photo album

Things that Squeak

A New Personal Site 

Ashnuckle Dynasty

The New York Gerbil

Gerbil Heaven

Tiny Treasures

Snowstorm Gerbils

The Ultimate Gerbil Page

HollyRobin Gerbils

The Irish Gerbil Centre

Eddie's Gerbil Clan

Winter Rose Gerbils

Mews's Tribe

The New York Gerbil

Escanaba's Best Gerbils

Aaron Gerbils (Beware of the flash animations that may take ages to load)


Jillun Gerbils  

Shindao Dynasty  


Tom and Jerry  

Celtic Clique  

East Anglia's Gerbils  

Twin Squeaks  

Small and Furry  

Starry Hill Gerbils  


House of Eeyore and Piglet (Singapore) 

Mermums Pets  

Shaw's Jird Central  

Derek and Lindsay's Pet Pages  

Gerbil Stuff!  

A French Site flag08.gif (1381 bytes)

Gerbilles de Clown  flag08.gif (1381 bytes)

Joppas Gerbilsida [Picture]

Svenska Gerbilsidan [Picture] 

Springding flag34.gif (988 bytes) flag34.gif (988 bytes)  

De Gerbil flag34.gif (988 bytes)  

Yet another German page!  flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Rennmaus City flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Bibsi's Rennmouswelt flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Eva's Gerbil Graphics flag09.gif (968 bytes)

Moonfoxy Clan flag09.gif (968 bytes)  

A list of German Links flag09.gif (968 bytes)  

Persische Rennmäuse  flag09.gif (968 bytes)  and English

Exotic Rodents flag09.gif (968 bytes)  

Clan of Blue Darkness flag09.gif (968 bytes) flag09.gif (968 bytes)  

Brazilian Gerbils Homepage   flag04.gif (1371 bytes)

O Mundo do Gerbil flag04.gif (1371 bytes)

Gerbils Aller Letze flag04.gif (1371 bytes)  

Singapore Gerbils  

Gerbils in Disguise   

We Love Gerbils


More Gerbil Links

Try this site for more rodent related links including details of other rodent clubs world-wide.

This site has some more Gerbil Links.

I hope to have more links soon.

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