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As well as the Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus), the species that is normally kept as a pet, there are about 90 other species of Gerbils and Jirds.

They live in the dry grasslands and desert fringes from South and West Africa to Far Eastern Asia.


Persian Jird - Meriones persicus

Here is some information or pictures relating to some of those species:

Genus Meriones (True Jirds) - 14 Species
[Picture] Mongolian Gerbil Meriones unguiculatus
[Picture] Shaw's Jird Meriones shawi
[Picture] Libyan Jird Meriones libycus
[Picture] Sundevall's Jird Meriones crassus
[Picture] Persian Jird Meriones persicus
[Picture] Midday Gerbil Meriones meridianus
[Picture] Tamarisk Gerbil Meriones tamariscinus
Genus Gerbillus (Northern Pygmy Gerbils) - 38 Species
[Picture] Pallid Gerbil Gerbillus perpallidus
[Picture] Cheesman's Gerbil new.gif (111 bytes) Gerbillus cheesmani
[Picture] Lesser Egyptian Gerbil Gerbillus gerbillus
[Picture] Greater Egyptian Gerbil Gerbillus pyramidum
[Picture] Charming Dipodil Gerbillus amoenus
[Picture] The Rock Gerbil Gerbillus campestris
[Picture] Wagner's Dipodil Gerbillus dasyurus
[Picture] Baluchistan Gerbil Gerbillus nanus
[Picture] Burton's Gerbil Gerbillus burtoni
Genus Pachyuromys (Fat-Tailed Gerbil) - 1 Species
[Picture] Duprasi or Fat-Tailed Gerbil Pachyuromys duprasis
Genus Sekeetamys (Bushy-Tailed Jird) - 1 Species
[Picture] Bushy-Tailed Jird Sekeetamys calurus
Genus Taterillus (Lesser Naked-Soled Gerbils) - 8 Species
[Picture] The Slender Gerbil Taterillus gracilis
[Picture] Emin's Gerbil Taterillus emini
Genus Tatera (Greater Naked-Soled Gerbils) - 13 Species
[Picture] Indian Gerbil Tatera indica
[Picture] The Guinea Gerbil Tatera guineae
[Picture] Kemp's Gerbil Tatera valida
[Picture] Bushveld Gerbil Tatera leucogaster
Genus Gerbillurus (Southern Pygmy Gerbils) - 4 Species
Genus Psammomys (Sand Rats) - 2 Species
[Picture] Fat Sand Rat Psammomys obesus
Genus Microdillus 1 Species
Genus Desmodillus (Cape Short Eared Gerbil) - 1 Species
Genus Desmodilliscus - 1 Species

Brauer's Gerbil

Desmodilliscus braueri
Genus Ammodillus (Walo) - 1 Species
Genus Rhombomys (Great Gerbil) - 1 Species

The Great Gerbil

Rhombomys opimus

Genus Brachiones (Przewalski's Gerbil) - 1 Species

I also have a complete list of all Gerbil and Jird Species including their distribution.

Karin van Veen has more information on exotic species of Gerbils and Jirds at The Gerbil Information Page.


A Namib Paeba, also known as The Snowshoe Gerbil (Gerbillurus Paeba)


A gerbil from the genus Taterillus.

Jerboas like this (Jaculus orientalis) are not gerbils or jirds and come from a totally different branch of rodents.


Degus (Octogon degus) like this are also not gerbils. They are a South American rodent more closely related to Cavies and Chinchillas.



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