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These wallpaper images have been created for Windows backgrounds. Most are 800x600 in 24 bit truecolour. They can be used for smaller screens and lower colour depths by using an image editor. The files stretch OK to at least 1024x768. I have started posting some as 1024x768. The images have been saved as JPEG files to keep the size down to about 500kb. The original size of these files was 1.4Mb. You may need to convert these to BMP files and save them to your Windows directory before you can use them.


  1. Click on the image below to load the full size image.
  2. Right click on the image to save it to your hard disk.
  3. Use a utility, there are plenty of free ones, to convert the file to BMP format and save the file to your Windows Directory. At this point you may need to edit the file to use it on a non-800x600 24 bit display. (Win XP users do not need this step).
  4. Within Windows change the Wallpaper, some times called Background, to the image you have saved.


[Picture] A young Burmese Patched
[Picture] An Argente Golden Spot (l) and a Lilac Pied (r).
[Picture] A Black Patched with a very small forehead spot.
[Picture] A Shaw's Jird (Meriones shawi)
[Picture] A nice picture of a Lilac gerbil
[Picture] A young Fat-Tailed Gerbil (Pachyuromys duprasis)
Wallpaper A Persian Jird (Meriones persicus)
thumb91.jpg (4535 bytes) A young Burmese gerbil.
pall1.jpg (9366 bytes) A Pallid Gerbil
A young Saffron gerbil - Winner of London 2004
A Golden Agouti gerbil

These files can be freely distributed as wallpaper images.

if you like the images. If they are popular I may post more soon.

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