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Argente Gerbils

Argente coloured Mongolian Gerbils Photo by



The Mongolian Gerbil is the common "Pet Shop" Gerbil. They are popular as pets because they are social, inquisitive animals that are very comfortable interacting with humans. In addition they are available in over 20 different colours due to mutations that have occurred whilst in captivity. The Gerbil Colour Palette illustrates almost all of these.


There is a fair amount of information on Mongolian Gerbils on the net. In particular I would recommend the Gerbil FAQ which includes a great deal of information on caring for them.

Click on any of the following thumbnails to see the full sized picture.

[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

I have a new page that describes Gerbils in the Wild.

I've been asked to show some pictures of gerbil pups:

Here is a group of gerbils only a few days old: [Picture]
Here a proud father stands over his pups: [Picture]
And here is a picture of a Burmese gerbil suckling a Lilac pup: [Picture]


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