Baluchistan Gerbil

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The Baluchistan Gerbil (Gerbillus nanus) is a small gerbil that lives in a broad range from Pakistan through to Arabia into North Africa and possibly as far west as Algeria. In size it is smaller than most of the other species kept in captivity and seems to vary a fair bit from location to location as far as colour, size, and even in the characteristics of its chromosomes. This is typical of the small gerbils that make up the genus Gerbillus. It has a very long tail, often over 150% of the length of the head and body. It also has a distinctive tail tuft that is missing from many similar small gerbils.

Baluchistan Gerbils prefer hard stony ground,  clay substrates or salt flats. They are very nocturnal, are solitary and have small litters of only two or three.

The Baluchistan Gerbil used to be considered simply a race of Wagner's Gerbil (G. dasyurus). But this has been disproved.

There is more info etc on this species at Gerbil-Info.

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